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Bob Voss
When I am not playing with stamps, I like to go fishing!

About Bob Voss
I have been collecting stamps since the age of 8.   My father was on an extended business trip to Denmark, and I became fascinated with the color, variety and engraving on Danish stamps.  My mother had the wisdom to hook me up with an adult mentor -- the long time mail order stamp dealer, Marvin Bernberg.  Stamp collecting has been a part of my life ever since.

I am now 71 years old.  I have been married 50 years and have two married daughters and six grandchildren.  I was blessed to have a fulfilling and rewarding career as a pastor in the Evangelical Lutheran church in America serving congregations in Greely, Colorado; Port Angeles, Washington; and Madison, Wisconsin.  I retired 13 years ago.

I have always enjoyed collecting world-wide stamps, and never ventured into the realm of collecting stamps of the USA.  Twenty five years ago, I decided to limit my world-wide collecting to Semi-Postal Stamps only.  I enjoy the thrill of completing a country after successfully obtaining all of their Semi-Postal issues.  (Of course, there are several countries I will never complete, and I have learned to live with that.)

I also enjoy topical collecting.  I have exhibited Dag Hammarskjold, AIDS & HIV Awareness, Martin Luther, and Dome of the Rock.  Those collections are on hold for now.  My current passion is filling a one frame exhibit on the topic of the Accordion.

I also have been a member of the Badger Stamp Club of Madison, WI and currently chair our annual stamp show.  This club has been a great source of friendship and philatelic knowledge.  I also belong to the APS, ATA, ISWSC and SCC.

And now I am a part-time stamp dealer -- a dream I had a long time ago as a child collector.  I serve collectors (and dealers) of world-wide postage stamps -- especially beginning and intermediate collectors who love to play with stamps and enjoy the challenge of adding stamps to their world-wide collections.
Happy Collecting!
Bob Voss

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